As a MacOS user for the majority of my development career, the one thing that I really missed when I switched over to Linux full-time was the multi-pane-ability of iTerm2. The ability for me to quickly, and easily have multiple panes that I can interact with using a mouse or trackpad was something that was suspiciously missing from the bundled terminal apps. Linux purists will berate me for not using tmux, but alas, I have. I couldn’t get over the fact that with tmux, I can’t scroll back the buffer with the mouse, I had to use the keyboard. I know that he sign of a good linux install is the ease in which you can control the entire system with the keyboard, however, for a convert like myself, I have a ways to go before I can go keyboard only.


Tilix can multiplex multiple terminals in one window that you can resize around according to your needs. You can use keyboard shortcuts to pop around between panes and resize them as well. For me, this is just what I was missing. Enjoy!

Tilix Terminal Emulator